FAQs Maltiverse Product

Yes. We think IoCs decay must be taken into account, and we deliver a different scoring algorithm for each type of IoC as not all the IoCs are the same in nature. IoCs decay term implies that IoCs go into different stages as they decay of relevance.

No, we never remove them. We have a filed named classification with different thresholds: Malicious, Suspicious, Neutral and Whitelist.

No. Our scoring algorithm is applied in real time to our IoCs on the database.

Maltiverse as being open to everyone, customers and no customers can check their IoCs (Hashes, IP addresses, Domains and URLs) again our database, so when a customer uploads information which Maltiverse does not have in its database, we run our scoring algorithm and we classify it and score this new IoC, making these new IoC unique

No, there is a different scoring algorithm for the different hashes, IP addresses, domains and URLs IoCs we work with.

Yes, this is done to ensure that your devices are always updated in real time.

No. Maltiverse only offers a SaaS model.