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At its most basic, a firewall is essentially the barrier that sits between a private internal network and the public Internet. Maltiverse provides Threat Intelligence feeds that can be automatically synchronized with Firewalls to improve security for outbound connections to Command & Control servers or Malware distribution sites

Is your firewall reliable enough for modern threats?

Most Firewall vendors are not focusing on Threat Intelligence seriously. That fact is well known by security teams that are sick and tired of handling incidents where the Firewall missed to block a known malicious contact.

Automated protection

Non-automated IoC management is a great recipe for disaster. We provide fresh, accurate, relevant Threat Intelligence synchronized with your firewalls hourly.

Improve vendor capabilities

We tested in laboratory how many IoCs that we provide are included in most relevant commercial firewalls. In average 50% of the total volume of our IoCs are unknown by its built-in threat intelligence. (Hundreds of thousands)

Threats missed by commercial firewalls
0 %

Forget about False Positives

Our Threat Intelligence is classified by a scoring algorithm that takes into account thousands of conditions to determine maliciousness of an IoC. The result is pure reliability to onboard this data in block mode in a firewall.

Malware protection

All interesting OSINT news are added to Maltiverse. They are then transformed into structured and contextualized objects, ready to be used in the protection of your environments. Maltiverse covers a wide range of prevalent and nefarious malware families like Cobalt Strike, QakBot, Emotet, IceID or Redline. This is a huge improvement in security posture for any security device that coud.

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