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Small and medium SecOps teams cannot invest such a big time and effort to onboard tens of Threat Intelligence sources, curate and maintain them. Maltiverse automates this hard job and provides a strongly effective and affordable Threat Intelligence service.

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Skip common problems adopting Threat Intel

Once you decide to adopt Threat Intelligence there are a set of common problems that are not easy to solve. Maltiverse is a solution that solves all those common problems and removes pain from Threat Intelligence Adoption
Before automation

Analyst Fatigue

Data volume grows exponentially and it is not possible to succeed relying on human workload to maintain a valuable Threat Intelligence dataset.

Before automation

Arriving Late

Non-Automated upload of Threat Intelligence entails a clear risk. Sometimes there are bureaucratic change management processes involved.

After automation

False Positives

Some IoC sources are providing unreliable data and you can end up blocking legitimate resources or wasting analysts time with noisy alerts.

After automation

IoC Expiration

Malicious IoCs not always are malicious forever. It is needed for a Threat Intel team to expire old indicators to avoid noise.

How Maltiverse works

Maltiverse works as a broker for Threat intelligence sources that are aggregated from more than a hundred different Public, Private and Community sources. Once the data is ingested, the IoC Scoring Algorithm applies a qualitative classification to the IoC that changes. Finally this data can be queried in a Threat Intelligence feed that can be delivered to your Firewalls, SOAR, SIEM, EDR or any other technology.

100+ Sources

Maltiverse aggregates data from more than 100 different Threat Intelligence sources. Public, Private and Community feeds are merged to provide a powerful aggregation.

IoC Scoring Algorithm

Maltiverse applies an IoC Scoring Algorithm taking into account hundreds of different conditions. The result is an accurate human readable classification that gets updated real time.

Security stack delivery

We provide integration to the most relevant commercial security devices. Integrations are completed in a matter of seconds.

Data Quality

CTA Members

Deploy Threat Intelligence 

in your Security Stack

Maltiverse Threat Intelligence Feeds can be integrated with your security stack to provide improvement in terms of detections and protection capabilities from different points of view. You can also upload an deploy your own Threat Intelligence!

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