Cyber Threat Intelligence



A Router is a network device that can adopt Cyberthreat Intelligence to improve security. Maltiverse offers a reliable intelligence that can be added as dynamic ACL’s to routers to help to block malicious destination IPs 

Cybersecure Routers

Maltiverse provides specific Threat Intelligence feeds based on IPv4 Addresses to be onboarded to router devices via dynamic ACL’s. This will empower layer 3 devices to offer cybersecurity protection and help to prevent incidents from an early stage of the kill chain.

Reliability First

It is vital to handle reliable threat intelligence data when used to block traffic, it is the case of the router. Blocking the wrong IP can generate a big set of problems for users and can cause more harm than good. Maltiverse applies a scoring algorithm that prevents the wrong information to be distributed.

Layer 3 Intelligence

Maltiverse offers Cyber Threat Intelligence based on IPv4 addresses ready to be synchronized with router Dynamic ACLs. That includes Command & Control servers, Malware Distribution IP’s or TOR nodes.

Malware protection

All interesting OSINT news are added to Maltiverse. They are then transformed into structured and contextualized objects, ready to be used in the protection of your environments. Maltiverse covers a wide range of prevalent and nefarious malware families like Cobalt Strike, QakBot, Emotet, IceID or Redline. This is a huge improvement in security posture for any security device that coud.

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