Cyber Threat Intelligence



SOAR technologies helps coordinate, execute and automate tasks between various people and tools all within a single platform. Maltiverse provides IoC context information and accurate classifications to create Playbooks and dramatically improve the quality of the decision making process.

Want more accurate playbooks?

Your organization has invested heavily in a SOAR, but you still struggle to build playbooks that are taking accurate decisions?

IoCs classification for Decision Taking

CTI for SOAR Enrichment provides valuable context information related to IPs, Hostnames, URLs and Files available via API. Maltiverse provides a human readable classification to decide what to do in a playbook . This classification is accurate because we update it constantly with our Scoring Algorithm.

Best context for playbooks

By combining internal intelligence gathered by a SOAR with threat intelligence, organizations have a way to empower real-time threat identification. Applying threat intelligence to the process of uncovering potential indicators of compromise helps deliver powerful security capabilities.

Improved response

With an integrated threat intelligence mechanism and built-in rules, organizations can contextualize data and get a better understanding of threats for actionable insights.

Improved productivity

It can help to automate previously manual tasks and improve productivity in security operations.

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