Maltiverse Intelligence Plan provides a cloud based solution to delegate the collection, classification, filtering and delivery of Indicators of Compromise. It provides a powerful baseline protection aggregated from more than 100 different public and private intelligence sources that can be integrated in less than 30 minutes. Forget about setup and maintenance, delegate to highly skilled cybersecurity professionals at Maltiverse.

Intelligence Feeds 

Ready to Connect

With Maltiverse, you gain instant access to over 50 dynamic feeds, sourced from 100 diverse intelligence providers. Designed to seamlessly integrate, Maltiverse offers 27+ connectors linking directly to your existing security technologies. Prepare to enhance your defensive operations with streamlined, actionable intelligence that is always one step ahead. Connect now and transform how you protect your network.

Deliver to your security devices

Seamlessly integrate crucial security data into your existing infrastructure with our 27+ connectors, including industry leaders like Palo Alto, Splunk, CrowdStrike, and IBM QRadar. It is like infusing steroids to your current cybersecurity investment.

Skip Headaches

You can run your own threat intelligence setup with Open Source solutions. But take into account that you will need a lot of qualified manpower to maintain the solution up and running. Despite all of this you still will face false positives and integration difficulties.

Improved response

With an integrated threat intelligence mechanism and built-in rules, organizations can contextualize data and get a better understanding of threats for actionable insights.

Improved productivity

It can help to automate previously manual tasks and improve productivity in security operations.

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Try it out for 30 days 

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